Compliance Testing

Achieve equipment compliance with total confidence

We help high-technology OEMs and manufacturers test new, second-hand and modified equipment in production facilities across the UK.

Our range of turnkey compliance testing services covers everything, from assessing and testing equipment against required regulations to helping you take remedial actions in the event of non-compliance.

  • Specialists with 30 years’ experience in compliance testing
  • On-site testing across the UK
  • UKCA, CE marking, PUWER assessments and EMF testing
UKCA/CE Testing
IES provided an efficient, well thought out method of testing which caused minimum disruption to our ongoing business operations."
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UKCA and CE Marking

Before you can sell or supply certain products in Great Britain and the European Union, you need to certify that they comply with UKCA/CE marking regulations.

Our turnkey service is rigorous and reliable, covering everything from assessing and testing equipment against the right directives to producing final technical file documentation.

Get CE Marking

UKCA/CE Marking

PUWER Assessments

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) require work equipment to be safe for their intended use. This is a workplace assessment and includes ensuring equipment is installed correctly, kept in a safe-to-use condition, only used by trained personnel, accompanied by health and safety measures, and more.

Our turnkey PUWER assessment service covers the whole assessment process, from testing equipment against regulations to providing test reports and remedial solutions in the event of non-compliance.

EMF Testing

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) testing measures and controls the levels of EMF emissions that people are exposed to when using electrical equipment. This is particularly important for sites that operate high-current or high-voltage applications. 

Our turnkey service covers the entire EMF testing process, from measuring and locating exposure to providing detailed test reports breaking down results. 

EMF Testing Service

Trusted by SPTS Technologies, Element Six, GE Healthcare and more

We’ve been helping OEMs and manufacturers across the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other high-technology industries achieve equipment compliance for more than 30 years.

How we helped VPS carry out LVD and EMC testing in just three days, enabling them to go to market more quickly and confidently.

Why work with us?

  • Work with a partner that has more than 30 years’ experience achieving equipment compliance and the right specialist knowledge

  • Have total confidence that your equipment has been rigorously tested by a specialist team of compliance experts and ticks every required box

  • Bring new equipment to market more quickly and safely, and avoid potential fines for non-compliance

  • Get specialist support and remediation solutions if your equipment is non-compliant or is not certified on the first go


Our unique capabilities

Deep expertise in compliance testing

Our team has vast experience in compliance testing, so you can have total confidence you’re selecting and testing for the right directives.

Specialist testing equipment

We’ve got all the necessary equipment for compliance testing (including our own EMC test chamber at our Bristol HQ).

Consultancy services

We can advise and help you find an effective solution in the event that your equipment doesn’t get certified first go.


Achieve equipment compliance with total confidence

Our experienced team of compliance experts cover every step of your compliance testing, from assessing and testing equipment against required regulations to supporting you to take remedial actions in the event of non-compliance.

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