Full Support for Semiconductor Tools

Get a turnkey engineering service for semiconductor tools that you can rely on

For more than 30 years, we’ve been working with complex semiconductor tools (from implanters to lithography) in fabs all over the world. Our turnkey service covers every step of your semiconductor relocation, start-up and commission. 

  • Start-to-finish relocation partner for production-critical tools
  • Cleanroom equipment specialist
  • Worldwide support
Semiconductor Tool Support
Semiconductor Tool Down Support
We work with IES because we trust them. We know that when a critical situation occurs and we have a tool down they’ll support us, not just with parts but also by providing experienced engineers if we need them. It’s a complete solution."
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Implant Centre Manager
Analog Devices

What we do

From single tool start-ups to complete production line relocations, decontamination and modifications; IES is the trusted provider of engineering services to the semiconductor sector. Benefit from a start-to-finish service:
  • Comprehensive site surveys, method statements and risk assessments
  • Decontamination
  • Tool dismantling and de-installation
  • Shipping brackets/lockdown kit
  • Tool move-out
  • Export packing
  • Door-to-door freighting, including customs
  • Tool move-in
  • Assembly and start-up
  • Final tests
Semiconductor Fab Cleanroom
Semiconductor Cleanroom Equipment Support

Additional support services

  • Pedestal floors
  • Upgrades
  • Compliance testing - including UKCA/CE and PUWER assessments
  • Field service support
  • Part sourcing and provisioning
  • Bespoke training courses

Trusted by Microchip, Analog Devices, Nexperia and more

We've supported both manufacturers and end users to move, install and commission semiconductor tools since 1991, and have strong working relationships with many world-class microelectronics manufacturers. 

We helped Plessey Semiconductors move more than 90 semiconductor tools into its new facility in 18 months.

IES are reliable, flexible, and knowledgeable of the semiconductor industry, so were the best partner for the installation project.
- Chief Operating Officer, Plessey Semiconductors

Semiconductor Cleanroom Equipment Support

Why work with us?

  • Over 30 years’ experience working with semiconductor tools

  • Best-in-class field service engineers who have expertise of all types of semiconductor tools in fabs all over the world

  • A totally start-to-finish, end-to-end support service that you can rely on

  • Meet SEMI standards and OEM specifications while delivering your project

  • Get the support you need wherever you are with our worldwide service

Semiconductor tools we support

Ion Implantation

  • Axcelis/Eaton: NV Series, NV8200 Series, GSD Series, Purion
  • Applied Materials: PI9500 Series; xR Series, Quantum Series
  • Varian: DF, 350D, E220/E500 Series, Viision Series, ViiSta Series


  • Thermco
  • Tempress
  • SVG/Aviza = ATRAVP, RVP

Rapid Thermal Processing

  • Surface Science Integration: Solaris Range
  • Jipolec: Jet Frist


  • ASML
  • Nikon: i8 & i12
  • Ultratech: 1000 -1500 Series
  • EVG: All Mask Aligners, All Resist Processing

Plasma Etch

  • Lam Research
  • Applied Materials
  • SPTS: Omega
  • Plasmatherm

Ion Beam Etch, Trimming & Figuring

  • scia Systems: Scia Trim, Scia Mill, scia Finish


  • AMAT: P5000, Centura
  • Novellus: Concept 1
  • SPTS: Delta
  • Plasmatherm


  • AMAT: Endura & Centura
  • Ulvac
  • SPTS: Sigma
  • scia Systems: scia Coat, Scia Magna

Atomic Layer Deposition

  • Veeco: Savannah & Fiji

Wet Chemistry

  • Semitool: All Tools
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