Manufacturing Plant Relocation & Equipment Installation

Manufacturing Plant Relocation

IES is the manufacturing industry’s choice for plant relocation. Our seamless, end-to-end solutions for factory and production line moves are trusted by OEMs and end-users across the globe.

From exhaustive site surveys to Construction Design Management, equipment installation support and machinery compliance – IES is with manufacturers every step of the way. We provide a comprehensive, fully-managed factory relocation project.


Meeting Manufacturing Industry Needs

With years of experience in managing and executing factory relocations, IES understands the importance of an efficient service that minimises workflow disruption. Our broad spectrum of in-house resources – including supplementary services such as export packing, crate making, shipping, and customs clearance - positions us as the ideal manufacturing relocation partner. You have the option of a project-managed service for the relocation of production lines, or you can choose our standalone services according to your facility requirements.

We undertake full risk assessments ahead of a project plan, and vigilantly monitor all activities and responsibilities throughout. IES can assure you of the highest health and safety standards every time you work with us.

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IES Experience 

We’ve been relocating manufacturing equipment, production lines and entire factories since 1991, and are trusted by global leaders in several hi-tech manufacturing sectors, including:

Case Study – SPX AVX 

We delivered a major three-month European manufacturing factory relocation and integration for SPX APV, a leading supplier of process engineering and automation solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

The project involved moving complex machinery between the UK, Denmark, Poland and Germany, within a critical time frame. We planned and executed the equipment moves and then managed the re-installation and testing of equipment at the receiving sites, ensuring full compliance with EEC Safety Directives at all times.

Speaking after the successful completion of the project on-time and to budget, John Greaves, the SPX APV Integration Program Manager, said: “The complexity of the integration project called for an experienced relocation company that was fully capable of genuine international operations…I have no reservations in recommending IES to your potential customers for factory relocations.”


IES Services for Manufacturing

Rely on IES for an end-to-end manufacturing plant relocation. We work alongside you to devise a plan that minimises production downtime, managing every element of a move to ensure seamless execution. Offering a wealth of experience in working with hi-tech machinery; we provide the technical expertise and on-site capabilities you need for machine decommissioning, rigging, reinstallation, commissioning and testing.

IES offers an unmatched range of factory relocation services. Take advantage of our solutions for export packing, shipping, documentation processing and CE testing, and consolidate your costs with a leading global relocation partner of manufacturers worldwide.

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