Print Equipment Removals and Engineering

Print Press Relocation Services from IES

IES has a lifetime of experience with print machinery, working with some of the oldest offset machines still in use through to the most modern digital presses available.

Expert Press Mover, Rigging and Installation for Press Presses around the World

IES provide a turnkey solution; from decommission to move and reinstallation. Projects are conducted in a timely manner, minimising your operational downtime. Our print press specialists have over 30 years of experience in the decommission, transport, installation, maintenance and commissioning of offset and onset print press technology.

Trusted by HP and more…

IES are trusted by HP, Heidelberg, Komori and more to move and install their print presses in the UK, Europe and worldwide. We pride ourselves in making your press relocation easy, assuring damage-free transportation and giving you complete peace of mind.

Single Press Moves to Large Scale Projects

We take on large scale commercial press moving and handling projects. Let our experienced relocation consultants review your site at no cost and provide you with the options that will save you time and money. Arrange a site survey today.

IES relocation for printing machines and equipment covers a broad variety of machines; from the latest state-of-the-art industrial digital presses such as the HP T250 to older models like the early Strachan Henshaw press. Our service can be used to move offset lithography, large packaging printers, digital press equipment, letterpress, electrostatic printers, and thermography.

Breaking Down the Press Relocation Process

Here are the typical steps involved with a press relocation:

  1. Appraisal / evaluation – prior to any move, IES will inspect your print press and conduct a full evaluation to determine its working condition. The appraisal will check for visible errors, electronic or mechanical, and produce samples from a print test.

  1. Decommission – prepare the print press for disassembly, including removing ink from print cylinders, taking out any paper, and removing ink heads etc. The IT system will be prepared for the move; organising fibres and ensuring there are no loose wires. All air pipes and wires are clearly marked and bagged.

  1. Disassemble – two stages: Disconnect (electrical) and Dismantle (mechanical).

  1. Move – IES have experts in rigging, machinery and moving, we use state-of-the-art equipment to fulfil even the most challenging moving requirements.

  1. Crating and packing for shipment – machine modules are secured and suitably packed in ISPM15 wooden crates, and machine bases are used for safe reliable transfer. All moisture is removed where possible to reduce condensation. Shipping is provided as standard with the IES turnkey service – by air, sea or road. Our shipping division takes care of export / import handling and forwarding requirements, along with all the customs documentation.

  1. Reassemble – The foundation on which your print press sits is of vital importance. As part of IES’s move process, our teams will evaluate the new flooring area to ensure it’s sturdy enough for the press. We use highly accurate levelling devices which are regularly calibrated and certified, ensuring optimal printing performance. Engineers will arrange the positioning and tramming of your printing press to the correct tolerances.

  1. Recommission – drawing upon 30 years of experience, you can be confident IES engineers will rebuild your press with precision, ensuring optimum printing results. The customer acceptance test completes the process, returning your press to the required specification.

IES offer long-term or short-term storage should you not be ready to receive your press. Storage facilities are climate-controlled and monitored to give you extra peace of mind.

Print Press Preventative Maintenance Support

Did you know that we also provide preventative maintenance support for print presses? Our expert engineers identify reoccurring problems and make necessary adjustments. Schedule a periodical maintenance check which monitors the condition of every critical print press component.

Print Press Relocation Advice

Contact IES today to enquire about our exceptional print press move and installation capabilities. Call +44 (0)117 938 0600 or email


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