Military Defence and Aerospace Packing & Shipping (MPAS Certified)

Military Defence and Aerospace Packing & Shipping (MPAS Certified)

Working with and providing services to companies such as Rolls Royce, Thales and Scott Aerospace gives us credibility and demonstrates the level of our expertise in both aerospace and defence generally. We have enjoyed long relationships with companies such as these, trusted relationships that endure because we do what we say, on time and on budget.

Our engineering, packaging and logistics skills have been called for with projects as diverse as:

Relocation of machine shop equipment

Our on-site teams are fully equipped with the specialist tools and equipment needed for the successful and safe movement of machinery and equipment. From machine skates and hydraulic scoots to air flotation systems, packing tools, forklifts and lifting systems our teams can relocate your machine shop equipment worldwide. 

CE compliance services on test equipment

IES can undertake complete on-site CE testing worldwide. We have our own EMC test chamber and are EMC, LVD and Machinery Directive compliant. We can travel to your site and complete EMC testing on equipment in situ, working with your team to implement corrective actions where necessary. Alternatively, for smaller equipment, testing can be conducted at our EMC chamber in Bristol.

Dismantling bespoke test rigs

We can both commission and decommission test rigs and either store or relocate these, providing export packing and air, sea or road freight as required. If desired we can also modify or upgrade equipment in preparation for a different task, either electrically or mechanically, or both.

MPAS (Military Packager Accreditation Scheme) Certified

IES is MPAS certified by the Ministry of Defence allowing the design and manufacture of packing solutions to Defence Standards. MPAS maintains the standard of design in military packaging and was introduced in 2012 to replace the previous standard, DR/14.

Refurbishment and manufacture of aircraft engine transit cases

We manufacture and refurbish BS1133 compliant wooden crates & bases, with all softwood heat treated to ISPM 15 standard. These can be bespoke or from our standard range. A specialism is the original manufacture and then refurbishment of aircraft engine transit cases, allowing these to be shipped to aircraft manufacturing and maintenance facilities all over the world without damage. 



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MPAS defence packaging built to order, meeting stringent military packing standards. Fast response times, with a consultative service.


For over 20 years IES has been supplying service engineers and technicians to support many equipment types within the semiconductor industry.