Mini Lab Plasma Pod Plus


Having been designed specifically for research and development processes involving components and substrates of up to a 200 mm diameter, the Mini Lab Plasma Pod Plus possesses a stainless steel chamber with a water cooled substrate electrode. A pneumatically operated top electrode gives access to the water cooled substrate electrode.

The system’s PLC control unit acts as the interface for an operator touch screen. The control system – which can be automatically or manually operated – offers features such as data logging and process recipe storage. The system configuration can be adapted to specific customer needs. An Ethernet connection is available for the purpose of system monitoring.


  • Dielectric materials (SiO2, SiNx, etc.);

  • Silicon-based materials (Si, a-Si, poly-Si);

  • III-V materials (GaAs, InP, GaN, etc.);

  • Sputtered metals (Au, Pt, Ti, Ta, W, etc.);

  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC);

  • Failure Analysis.


  • Small system footprint

  • Touch Screen Interface

  • Substrates up to 200mm in diameter

  • Stainless steel chamber

  • Integral Gas Box & Turbo pump

  • RF Auto-Match