Q240 Microwave Plasma Etcher


Quartz chamber with 240mm chamber diameter and 21L volume.

Alpha Plasma Microwave Plasma Etcher Systems series provide fast and low damage plasma processing. In these plasma systems the plasma effect is based on chemical reactions of reactive plasma particles. The systems are easy to operate and feature simplest loading and unloading, manually as well as automatically.

The system software is based on Windows and complies with standards in semiconductor industries.

The microwave generators are small and reliable allowing for a compact design and thus provide a low pressure plasma system without the need for amplifiers and matching networks which are a necessary requirement for conventional RF technology. The Q Series can be prepared for installation through a cleanroom wall or as a table top. The system is suitable for wafers up to 200mm and designed for the semiconductor and microelectronic industries.


  • Photoresist processing;
  • Isotropic low-damage plasma etch;
  • Dry etch surface preparation;
  • SU8 and other epoxy based resists;
  • Sacrificial layers for MEMS.


  • Efficient microwave plasma cleaning
  • Small footprint
  • 2.45 GHz microwave power adjustable between 50 and 1200 Watts
  • 3 standard flow controllers, with up to 6 maximum
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Substrate size up to 8inch
  • Optional SU8 kit with water cooled chucks
  • Optional 13.56 MHz power supply
  • 50 wafer loading