EM Resist

Alderley Park, Cheshire, UK

EM Resist is specialised in developing materials used for electron beam lithography. With over 20 years combined experience, EM Resist are continually developing the next generation of materials that will enable you to push forward in your research and development. 

Key current products include: 

1] SML Resist. The high performance SML resist is a novel polymer that has been specifically designed to answer the demands of the EBL community. It can be simultaneously patterned into high resolution and high aspect ratio patterns, even at low acceleration voltages and without the aid of proximity effect correction.

SML resist has been specifically designed to fit in with a standard PMMA process. No change in chemistry or process traning is required.

2] PMMA Resist. Industry standard PMMA electron beam resist in Anisole. Available over a range of thicknesses and volumes. If you do not see your required product, please don't hesitate to contact  us

Available molecular weights: 950K, 495K, 120K
Cast solvent: Anisole
Thicknesses: 30 nm - 2000 nm


Products from EM Resist...