Alpha Plasma

Bad Aibling, Germany

Established in 2011, Alpha Plasma Germany is a globally operating supplier of microwave plasma processing equipment to the semiconductor and electronics industries. Long-term experience in sales and manufacturing makes Alpha Plasma an ideal partner for the rapidly changing world of electronics. We specialize in providing low pressure Advanced Microwave Plasma Technologies to both, the wafer fabrication and chip packaging industries.

Alpha Plasma is located at Gewerbepark Markfeld 13, DE-83043 Bad Aibling in Germany and works with a worldwide network of partners: agents, distributors and associates.

IES represent Alpha Plasma in the United Kingdom, Benelux, Ireland and Scandinavia and have established a highly successful partnership over the past 5 years. We offer Alpha’s product portfolio of classic batch plasma systems as well as fully automated equipment for processing individual substrates, wafers and devices.

An example from this portfolio is the Alpha Plasma Microwave Cleaner AL 76 Compact, which is truly an all-rounder. Its special strength, however, is to clean high-brightness LED’s as well as wafers in MEMS production and niche markets. When equipped with Alpha’s unique ECR mode, AL 76 Compact is running 24/7 mass production in LED assembly.

The Alpha Plasma Q Series comprises Microwave Plasma batch ashers for fast and damage-free photo resist stripping. 


Products from Alpha Plasma...