Military Packager Accreditation Scheme (MPAS) Approved

Military Packager Accreditation Scheme (MPAS) Approved

MPAS, the Military Packager Approval Scheme, which was introduced in June 2012, is based on Defence Standard (Def Stan) 81-41 Pt 1-6. It replaces the MPCAS/DR14 standards formerly in place. Any companies which supply Military Level Packaging (MLP) for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) must be ISO 9001 certified and ensure that the packaging operation complies with MPAS.

The purpose of MPAS is to ensure that all contractors supplying materials requiring MLP to the MOD have suitable experience, training and demonstrable competence. MPAS also confirms that contractors are using effective packaging design and manufacturing processes, procedures and facilities. 

Military and Defence Packaging

IES is an MPAS registered Military Packaging Contractor, and has been involved in packing since 1991. We offer you extensive experience including many years of manufacturing cases to Defence Standards.

The cases are suitably designed to be transported by any means, in all conditions, for any duration and for long periods of storage in potentially adverse conditions. We understand that you need to be absolutely certain of items being perfectly serviceable and ready to be used as intended. 

We ensure that where military level packaging is specified, it is designed with strict observance of MPAS, and manufactured in compliance with all the relevant Defence Standards for safe handling, storage and transportation, in a cost-effective manner.

Tailored MPAS Packaging Solutions

At IES, we offer you bespoke military level packing solutions including:

• Military packaging design
• Manufacture from self-produced and third-party designs
• Consistency and flexibility to suit individual requirements
• Close customer liaison and relationship
• Complete reliability

Certificate of Registration – Military Packager Approval Scheme (MPAS)

ISO Approval Certification No: LRQ4000534
Accredited Certification Body: LRQA
MPAS Registration No: (MRN) 002

A Consultative Approach for Military and Defence Packing

For more information on our MPAS-certified packing services, please call us on +44 (0)117 938 0600, or fill out our contact form and a member of team will be in touch.


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Export Packing

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IES approved for the Military Packager Approval Scheme (MPAS) by the MOD

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