EMF Testing

EMF Testing from IES

IES provides a full on-site EMF testing service – locating EMF exposure, tracking its levels, and taking necessary measures to achieve compliance.

What is electromagnetic (EMF) testing?

EMF testing controls EMF levels, ensuring that they are within safe limits for exposure. A testing service can cover environmental and / or product-based compliance, and can be based on limits for occupational health and safety or general public exposure. EMF assessments use an EMF meter and other specialised equipment.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) arises from electrical equipment - including everything from household appliances such as a microwave oven to industrial machinery. High EMF levels can pose health risks unless the right steps are taken. There are several national and international regulations that control limits of EMF.

Why is EMF testing important?

Electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions are an important consideration for sites that operate high current or high voltage applications, including; heavy machinery, power lines and transforming equipment.

The government has outlined the responsibility of employers to assess the levels of EMF and address potential risks of high levels for employees - including adverse health effects - in the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work (CEMFAW) Regulations 2016. Manufacturers have a duty to carry out EMF testing to confirm EMF exposure levels and ensure that they are below the exposure limit values (ELVs) specified in the CEMFAW Regulations.

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IES expertise in EMF testing

IES is a trusted EMF testing provider, having supplied the service to an international client base since 1991. Thanks to our access to accredited laboratories, we are able to conduct a broad variety of tests to accurately record EMF levels in a specified environment or from an individual product.

Our efficient testing process can be carried out in a number of settings - including manufacturing and commercial environments.  Electromagnetic Compatibility testing can be carried out on electrical products; from industrial to medical, scientific and consumer.

IES EMF testing process

We offer on-site EMF testing and full service support, pinpointing the EMF exposure and field strength throughout manufacturing environments and tracking its levels.

The IES EMF Testing service includes:

  • Comprehensive EMF testing
  • Full on-site support
  • A verbal debrief
  • A detailed report including a breakdown of results
  • Comparison with relevant ELVs

Helping you to achieve compliance

In circumstances where a site survey has shown a site’s emissions are non-compliant to CEMFAW Regulations, IES is able to work with a client to take the measures necessary for compliance. These steps can include the review of operation modes and zoning principles.

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