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Benefits of a Field Service Engineer

13th November 2017
IES offers clients support from a large pool of highly experienced personnel such as field service engineers (FSE) and field application engineers (FAE), as well as a wide range of specialised equipment and machinery.

Machinery Movements

But why might your organisation need to call upon an IES FSE? In this article, we take a close look at the benefits:

Keep your team at full strength – Annual leave and sickness means that work forces can be left with some large gaps to fill. Expert level field service engineers and field application engineers ‘on tap’ mean that teams can press ahead with their projects, meeting objectives.

Rapid response – When machinery fails, a field service engineer provides rapid fault finding and diagnostics services which can minimise the amount of down time suffered. You can benefit from this rapid response time, as well as field service engineers who are OEM trained, equipped with the knowledge to get to the bottom of a problem and address it.

Safeguarding your assets – Many of the benefits provided by a field service engineer have the ability to save your organisation time and money. The preventative maintenance which this service offers, often administered by an Applications Support Engineer or Equipment Engineer, can maximise tool availability and reduce the risk of down time going forward.

Flexibility – If your business is booming, or perhaps if you have encountered a quiet period, taking on new permanent staff or axing jobs can become a human resources headache. You can keep your organisation lean and able to respond better to market conditions by utilising the benefit of duration flexibility which a field service engineer provides; giving you the personnel you need, when you need them.

Process familiarity – Whether you need a specialised Process Engineer or Process Service Engineer, the vastly experienced professionals who are available as part of our Engineering Resource Support service are well versed in process engineering and process development. This means they will be able to attune their work to your strategies quickly, and also possess knowledge of key associated technologies.

Train your talent – Experienced and knowledgeable field service engineers can play an important role in training your team. They pass on their expertise at a lower cost than OEM personnel, and in some cases supply knowledge about machinery from an OEM which no longer trades.

Specialised knowledge – You might not be able to commit your critical staff to activities such as installation and commissioning, and that’s where a field service engineer comes in, offering you the benefits of a professional who can come in and perform specific tasks until the job is done. This can save you money in the long run, and ensure that your core operations are not compromised.

Today’s market rewards organisations which can stay lean and avoid complicating their business model. A field service engineer from the IES Engineering Resource Support service provides companies with an unmatched range of expertise which can be utilised on a case by case basis. That means companies are investing in the support they need, and not channelling resources unnecessarily.

To learn more about FSE's and the Engineering Resource Support service offered by IES, please visit the following page