Advanced Technology & High Precision Engineering

Advanced Technology & High Precision Engineering

Xaar is the world’s leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet print heads. The project required the relocation of a high technology production line from Jarfalla in Sweden to Cambridge, England. The project criteria were to minimise lost production time whilst guaranteeing the protection of the high-value assets to be moved.

Xaar and IES

In awarding this contract to IES Xaar recognised the company’s expertise and experience in moving high technology companies to UK science parks, many of which are located around both Oxford and Cambridge.

Working closely with the Xaar team, IES engineers removed the production lines in question, working in phases to minimise the impact on production output and to maintain stringent safety standards.

Following safe transit of the machinery to the UK IES managed the staged move into a newly expanded clean room facility in Huntingdon.

‘An excellent choice of business partner’

Speaking about the relocation, Rod Perks, Xaar’s relocation project manager, said: ‘IES have proven to be an excellent choice of business partner and have provided Xaar with the required 'comfort and credibility’ required on this important relocation project.”

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Pharmaceutical companies such as GE Healthcare, OCD and Patheon use high value, precision plant for their processes.

Defence and Aerospace

Working with and providing services to companies such as Rolls Royce, Thales and Scott Aerospace gives us credibility and demonstrates the level of our expertise in both aerospace and defence generally.