AL140 Compact Microwave Plasma Etcher


Aluminium chamber with 140L volume.

The Alpha Plasma System AL 140 is a low-pressure plasma equipment, especially designed for processing large-sized flat substrates. General purpose is to clean and to activate material surfaces.

A major application is surface treatment of PLEDs prior to ink jet printing. Alpha’s AL140 hereby greatly improves surface wettability. Important is that it also forms hydrophobic surfaces to limit the flow of dye producing a sharp pattern of pixels.

AL 140 is an example from the portfolio of the Alpha Plasma microwave plasma equipment. It offers soft and gentle plasma cleaning along with most efficient chemical surface reactions. Due to the versatile design of plasma chamber and microwave coupling, the Alpha chamber is also applicable to any other substrates apart from thin sheets.

The Windows based software platform and the intuitive GUI make the Alpha Plasma AL140 a highly attractive, user-friendly plasma cleaning system.


  • Flat panel displays and printed circuit boards
  • Solar
  • Surface treatment of PLED’s to ink jet printing


  • Maximum substrate size ­700 x 300mm
  • Efficient microwave plasma cleaning
  • 2.45 GHz microwave power adjustable between 50 and 1200 Watts
  • Up to 3 mass flow controllers
  • Automatic and manual operation