The HERCULES NIL is a fully integrated UV nanoimprint lithography track solution for wafers up to 200 mm. It is the newest addition to the EVG NIL product range. Combining cleaning baking pre-processing and resist coating steps with EVG’s SmartNIL imprinting technology, the HERCULES NIL is solution which starts with bare wafers being loaded into the tool, and results in fully processed nanostructured being returned. 

HERCULES NIL is able to optimise the process chain and fabrication of multi-use soft stamps, without requiring any extra imprint stamp manufacturing equipment. It is possible to upgrade the tool with a ISO 3* capable mini-environment, guaranteeing the highest quality of master replication and minimising defect rates.


  • Volume manufacturing of structures down to 40 nm* and smaller
  • Combines pre-processing (clean / coat / bake / chill) and SmartNIL®
  • Volume-proven imprinting technology with superior replication fidelity
  • Fully automated imprinting and controlled low-force detachment for maximum working stamp reusability
  • Includes working stamp manufacturing capability
  • Fastest curing times due to high-power light source
  • Optimized modular platform for high throughput
  • *resolution dependent on process and template