The EVG7200 takes advantage of EVG SmartNIL technology to support mass micro and nanoscale structure manufacturing. It utilises the organisation’s materials expertise in a system which delivers SmartNIL’s soft imprint and stamp capability to smaller geometries and larger substrates. Resolution down to 40 nm* (dependent on template and process) is possible in volume production, allowing the full manufacturing potential of nanoimprint lithography to be realised. 


  • Volume-proven imprinting technology with superior replication fidelity
  • Proprietary SmartNIL® technology with multiple-use polymer stamp technology
  • Integrated imprinting, UV curing, demolding, and working stamp fabrication
  • Automated cassette-to-cassette handling plus semi-automated R&D mode
  • Optional top-side alignment
  • Optional mini-environment
  • Open platform for all commercially available imprint materials
  • Scalability from R&D to production
  • System housing for best process stability and reliability