EVG®7200 LA

The EVG7200 Large-Area UV Nanoimprint System uses EVG’s proprietary SmartNIL technology to scale nanoimprint lithography to Gen 3 (550 mm x 650 mm) panel-size substrates. The system can be imperative in increasing the substrate utilisation efficiency; enlarging the pattern area in applications which cannot be reduced in size such as wire grid polarisers, displays, photonic elements and biotechnology. SmartNIL offers superb conformal imprinting, taking advantage of a controllable and robust tooling process. With the user-friendly EVG7200, EVG is fulfilling industry requirements and pushing nanoimprinting technology to the next level, offering unique equipment capabilities and unmatched process expertise.


  • Proprietary SmartNIL® technology provides unmatched conformal imprinting over large areas
  • Proven technology with superior replication fidelity and uniformity
  • Multiple-use polymer working stamp technology for longest master lifetime and significant cost savings
  • Robust and precisely controllable processing
  • Compatible with all commercially available imprint materials