EVG®510 HE

The EVG510 HE is ideal for the high precision imprinting thermoplastic substrates. It is a semi-automated hot embossing system which is configured with vacuum and contact force functions, as well as a universal embossing chamber. The EVG510 HE manages the complete selection of polymers which are suited to hot embossing. The system offers a variety processes for high-quality nanopattern transfer, along with multiple de-embossing and high-aspect-ratio embossing options.


  • For hot embossing applications of polymer substrates and spin-on polymers
  • Automated embossing process
  • EVG's proprietary separate alignment process for optically aligned embossing and imprinting
  • Fully software controlled process execution
  • Closed-loop cooling water supply option
  • External de-embossing and cooling station