The EVG770 is designed for step-and-repeat nanoimprint lithography, being utilised for direct patterning of complex structures on substrates, as well as efficient master fabrication. Uniform replication of templates is enabled – from small dies up to 50 mm x 50 mm across large areas up to 300 mm substrate sizes. Step-and-repeat imprinting is typically used in combination with direct writing methods and diamond turning to produce masters which are needed in wafer-level optics manufacturing or the EVG SmartNIL process.  Among the EVG770’s key features are; full process control, exact alignment capabilities, and the adaptability to meet requirements for a broad range of devices and applications.


  • Efficient master fabrication of microlenses for wafer-level optics down to nanostructures for SmartNIL®
  • Simple implementation of different kind of masters
  • Variable resist dispense modes
  • Live image during dispensing, imprinting and demolding
  • In-situ force control for imprint and demolding
  • Optional optical wedge error compensation
  • Optional automated cassette-to-cassette handling