The EVG40 NT is a stand-alone tool which works in tandem with the AVM HVM-integrated module to allow the measurement of parameters which are lithography relevant; such as bond alignment accuracy and critical dimensions. Thanks to the high measurement accuracy of the system, compliance can be verified to exacting process specifications, and integrated process parameters can be optimised instantly.

The EVG40 NT is highly adaptable, benefitting from diverse measurement methods which can be used in manufacturing processes from simultaneous wafer-to-wafer bonding to nanoimprint lithography. For example, the EVG NT can be used with other products in the EVG range in aligned wafer bonding to a high level of accuracy. In this case, the EVG NT is the tool of record, being able to verify 100nm bond overlay accuracy of the EVG GEMINI FB automated fusion reliably.


  • Versatile measurement options for lithography and bonding metrology
  • Alignment verification for bonding and lithography applications
  • Top- to bottom-side microscope for manifold measurement methods
  • Critical dimension (CD) measurement
  • Die-to-die alignment verification
  • Multi-layer thickness measurement
  • High measurement accuracy in vertical and lateral direction
  • High throughput due to specialized calibration routine
  • PC-based measurement and pattern recognition software for highest reliability