scia Multi 680

Periodical multilayer coating for precision optics by Magnetron Sputtering

Used to provide periodic multilayer coatings for substrates up to 50 kg and a 650 mm diameter, the scia Multi 680 is used for applications such as anti-reflective coatings in UV and X‑ray, and gradient multiplayer coatings of mirrors for soft x-ray.

With its six radially arranged sputter magnetrons mounted with individual housing and gas supply, the scia Multi 680 has a defined particle emission profile. A two-phase coupled rotary drive moves the substrate circularly across the magnetrons in a face down orientation. Every orbital rotation completes one period in the multilayer stack. The compensation of the magnetrons’ individual emissions profiles and deposition of necessary gradient films along the spin rotation axis is enabled by the scia Multi 680’s pre-calculating of orbital rotation profiles.