scia Magna 200

High uniformity at high deposition rates by Magnetron Sputtering

The scia Magna 200 utilises a unique architecture – its Double Ring Magnetron means coatings can achieve a high level of homogeneity at high deposition rates. Usual applications are optical coatings, piezoelectric layers and passivation layers.

Available with an automatic handling robot in cluster configuration, or a single wafer load lock, the scia Magna 200 offers an advanced substrate holder with helium cooling, RF bias and simultaneous rotation.

With its separately controlled plasma discharges from the concentric inner and outer target rings, Fraunhofer FEP’s special DRM 400 sputter source allows layer thickness variation of below ± 0.5 % (over 200 mm). It is also possible to achieve very high deposition rates in reactive sputter mode. The scia Magna 200 ensures long term processing stability thanks to its integrated control mechanisms.