A contactless proximity lithography platform, the IQ ALIGNER possesses a high level of automation, meeting the requirement for minimised production line mask contamination, while increasing product yield and mask lifetime. Offering automated handling and several alignment features, the system provides specialised configurations for thinned and warped wafer processing. Operation can be switched between bottom or top side alignment, and the field of applications can be widened by integrated IR alignment capabilities. The system’s fast response, temperature controlled tool sets support wafer alignment runout control.


  • Wafer/substrate size from pieces up to 200 mm/8’’
  • Contactless proximity mode due to external wafer wedge measurement
  • Enhanced vibration isolation
  • Increased process flexibility with various alignment features
  • Run-out control alignment feature
  • Fragile, thin or warped wafer handling of multiple wafer sizes 
  • Taiko wafer processing experience
  • Manual substrate loading capability
  • Remote tech support and SECS/GEM compatibility
  • Additional capabilities:
  • IR alignment – transmissive and/or reflective