HERCULES is based on a modular platform, combining integrated wafer cleaning, baking, resist coating and resist development modules with EVG’s widely recognised optical mask alignment technology.  The platform allows the cassette-to-cassette processing of several wafer sizes. Securely handling thick, rectangular, highly bowed, small-diameter wafers – as well as even device trays – HERCULES offers precision top and bottom-side alignment. It enables the coating of sub-micron to ultra-thick resists of up to 300 microns for passivation and interlayer applications. Exposure results at high throughput and highly accurate alignment can be achieved by the superior alignment stage design.


  • Production platform combines all advantages of EVG’s precision alignment and resist processing systems in a minimized footprint
  • Versatile platform supports fully automated processing of various substrate shapes, sizes, highly warped mold wafers and even trays
  • Coating of up to 52,000 cP enables manufacturing of ultra-thick resist features of up to 300 microns in height
  • CoverSpinTM rotating cover for low resist consumption and optimized resist coating uniformity
  • OmniSpray® coating for optimized coating of high topography surfaces
  • NanoSpray® for coating and protection of via structures
  • Automated mask handling and storage
  • Optical edge exposure and/or solvent cleaning for edge bead removal
  • Fragile, thin or warped wafer handling of multiple wafer sizes with bridge-tool system
  • Rework sorting wafer management and flexible cassette system
  • Multi-user concept (unlimited number of user accounts and recipes, assignable access rights, different user interface languages)