The single chamber EVG101 is a resist processing system which completes R&D type processes. It is fully compatible with automated EVG systems. Supporting wafers up to 300 mm, the EVG101 offers configuration for spray or spin coating and developing. EVG sophisticated OmniSpray coating technology is able to achieve conformal layers of polymers or photoresist on 3D structured wafers. This allows minimised material consumption of valuable high viscosity polymers or photoresists, and also improves resist spreading options and uniformity.


  • Wafer size up to 300 mm
  • Automated spin or spray coating or developing with manual wafer load/unload
  • Quick and easy process transfer from research to production utilizing proven modular design and standardized software
  • Syringe dispense system for utilization of small resist volumes, including high-viscosity resists
  • Small footprint while maintaining a high level of personal and process safety
  • Multi-user concept (unlimited number of user accounts and recipes, assignable access rights, different user interface languages)
  • Options:
  • Uniform coating of high-topography wafer surfaces with OmniSpray® coating technology
  • Wax and epoxy coating for subsequent bonding processes
  • Spin-On-Glass (SOG) coating