The EVG120 is a new, fully automated and universal resist processing tool which processes several substrate shapes and sizes up to 200 mm/8". The updated EVG120 benefits from an ultra-compact design, and a chemistry cabinet which has been developed to provide chemical storage while offering increased throughput. The tool is optimised for high volume customer requirements, and thus is utilised in high volume manufacturing environments. Offering users an unmatched range of benefits, the EVG120 can guarantee the highest quality in a broad variety of fields, with the advantage of a low ownership cost.


  • Wafer sizes up to 200 mm
  • Ultra-compact design for minimal footprint
  • Up to 2 coat/develop chambers and 10 hot/chill plates
  • Versatile combinations of multi-functional modules for spin and spray coating, developing, bake and chill provide great opportunities in many fields of application
  • Chemistry cabinet for external storage of chemicals
  • EV Group’s proprietary OmniSpray® ultrasonic atomization technology provides unmatched process results when it comes to conformal coating of extreme topographies
  • CoverSpinTM rotating cover for low resist consumption and optimized resist coating uniformity
  • Megasonic technology for cleaning, sono-chemical processing and developing improves process efficiency and lowers the process time from hours to minutes
  • Sophisticated and field-proven robot handling with dual end-effector capability ensures continuous high throughput
  • Process technology excellence and development service
  • Multi-user concept (unlimited number of user accounts and recipes, assignable access rights, different user interface languages)
  • Smart process control and data analysis feature [Framework SW Platform]
  • Integrated analysis features for process and machine control
  • Equipment and process performance tracking feature
  • Parallel/queueing task processing feature
  • Smart handling features
  • Occurrence and alarm analysis
  • Smart maintenance management and tracking