scia Cube 300/750

Large area etching and coating in one system by Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)

Using plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition and reactive ion etching, the scia Cube 300 and 750 are able to achieve large area etching and coating in a singular system.

These systems are intended for large area high density plasma processes for substrates up to 300 mm x 200 mm (for the scia Coat 300) and 750 mm x 750 mm (for the scia Coat 750). The scia Cube 300 and 750 are usually used in providing dielectric films for anti-reflective coatings, etching processes with halogen or oxygen chemistry for semiconductor and metals structuring, and deposition of Diamond Like Carbon for optical filters.

Both the scia Cube 300 and 750 are able to combine plasma excitation via a range of microwave sources. The substrate stage possesses an independent RF bias, and it is possible for multiple substrate sizes to be transferred by an automatic vacuum load-lock system.