This standalone planarisation tool is designed for the semiconductor industry. With its cassette-to-cassette handling and two plate design, it is ideal for semiconductor production lines, and its modular design means it is suitable for research and development. The E550 provides the polishing and planarisation of wafers up to 200mm.

The E550 offers an advanced level of quick handling, and is recognised for its transparent and adaptable software. A DI pistol, DI noxxles and splash guard make cleaning simple, and the polishing area is accessible from three sides, meaning maintenance easy is, and allowing a convenient carrier and pad exchange.


  • Dry in/wet out or wet in/wet out
  • Stand alone
  • Two plates, 550mm and 350mm
  • Cassette to cassette handling with load and unload cassette
  • Large conditioner for primary plate
  • From 100mm to 238 mm
  • Footprint 1.8m X 1.5m 
  • No additional cabinets
  • Internal vacuum system
  • Removable plates 550mm & 350mm
  • Quick plate exchange
  • Easy to clean & operate
  • Removable splash guard
  • Low mass carrier for quick & easy exchange
  • Brush conditioning for final plate
  • Modular design for comfortable maintenance
  • PC control under Windows
  • Up to 20 process steps
  • In situ or ex situ conditioning


  • Integrated end point detection
  • Up to 4 peristaltic slurry pumps
  • Brush or Diamond conditioning tool for primary plate
  • GEM connection to FAB automation