Designed for the planarisation and polishing of single wafers with 1″ to 8″ diameters, the E460 is used superbly in research and development applications, and thanks to its adaptability, can meet small scale production requirements.

The hard disk space of the E460 determines the number of process recipes which can be recorded. With its ten completely independent process steps, the E460’s step parameters align with the tool’s configuration limits. A soft evolution of step parameter values is offered by a specific transition parameter; from the current step setting to the following step setting.

Loading for the E460 is manual, although an automatic loading option is currently being developed. Conditioning can be used in-situ or ex-situ during chosen steps of the polishing recipe. The plate, carrier and conditioning tool can be exchanged in just a few seconds, which allows the tool to be shared for a range of processes, teams and wafer sizes.

There is direct integration of the end point detection tool in the tool control software. The tool can be used online for support purposes; including tool use training or resolving any issues. Standard wafer mounting uses inserts, back pressure and vacuum, but mounting is also possible with templates and wax. Carrier arrangements can be tailored to fit customer needs.


  • Quick exchange of parts dedicated to process: platen, carrier and conditioning head (time required 2min).
  • Perfect for sharing the machine between various teams.
  • An optimum ratio service / costs
  • A fast and simple tool preparation for process
  • Solutions for the polishing of small-sized samples: 10mmx10mm, 15mmx15mm, 1 “, quarter of 2 “
  • Any shape can be realized
  • A recognized robustness