SmartView NT

Providing a proprietary method for face-to-face wafer-level alignment at micron level, the SmartView NT automated bond alignment system can be integral to attaining the necessary accuracy for multiple wafer stacks used in leading edge technologies. Smartview NT can be used in tandem with GEMINI wafer bonding systems in a fully automated platform for permanent bonding.


  • Suitable for automated and integrated EVG bonding systems (EVG560®, GEMINI®) in 200 mm and 300 mm configurations
  • Wafer stacking for 3D interconnect, wafer-level packaging and high-volume MEMS devices
  • Universal bond aligner (face-to-face-, backside-, infrared- and transparent alignment)
  • No Z-axis motion and no refocusing required
  • Windows® based user interface
  • Bond pairs are aligned and clamped prior to loading into the bond chamber
  • Manual or fully automated configurations (e.g. integration with GEMINI®)
  • Options
  • Can be combined with the EVG®500 series wafer bonding systems, EVG®300 series cleaning systems and EVG®810 LT plasma systems for a fully automated wafer-to-wafer alignment operation with cassette-to-cassette operation