The EVG GEMINI FB XT is an integrated fusion bonding system which enables semiconductor devices to be vertically stacked. This process has become increasingly practical thanks to improvements in device performance and density. The wafer to wafer bonding offered by the EVG GEMINI FB XT is a very important step in the process which enables 3D stacked devices. The system offers the dual benefits of improved alignment and overlay accuracy, along with higher productivity – making it suitable for applications including backside illuminated CMOS image sensor stacking, 3D systems on chip (SoC), memory stacking and die partitioning. The system utilises the new SmartView NT3 bond aligner, which has been designed for hybrid and fusion wafer bonding alignment needs of < 50 nm.


  • New SmartView® NT3 face-to-face bond aligner with sub 50 nm wafer-to-wafer alignment accuracy
  • Up to six pre-processing modules like:
  • Clean module
  • LowTemp™ plasma activation module
  • Alignment verification module
  • Debond module
  • XT Frame concept for highest throughput with EFEM (Equipment Frontend Module)
  • Optional features:
  • Debond module
  • Thermocompression bond module