EVG®850 LT

The EVG850 LT is an automated production bonding system which is designed for mechanically aligned SOI and direct wafer bonding, using LowTemp™ plasma activation. In combining the essential fusion bonding steps – including cleaning, plasma activation and alignment, IR inspection and pre-bonding – the EVG850 LT provides a high-throughput and high-yield production process for SOI wafers, with a 300mm capability. This makes it a key enabler for SOI wafer fabrication, and wafer-level 3D integration.


  • SOI and direct wafer bonding with EVG's LowTemp™ plasma activation
  • Suitable for a wide range of fusion/molecular wafer bonding applications
  • Production system built to operate in high-throughput, high-yield environments
  • Automated cassette-to-cassette operation (ergo load, SMIF or FOUP)
  • Contamination-free backside handling
  • Megasonic and/or brush cleaning
  • Pre-bonding with mechanical flat or notch alignment
  • Advanced remote diagnostics