EVG®850 TB

The EVG850 TB is a temporary bonding system which is fully automated; achieving the entire temporary bonding process – from temporary adhesive application to baking, alignment and bonding the device wafer to the carrier wafer. With its modular equipment layout, the EVG850 TB can be throughput-optimised according to the specific process. There is an optional inline metrology module which enables parameter optimisation with feedback loops, and total process monitoring. Thanks to the open EVG platform, several types of temporary bonding adhesive – including thermoset materials, tapes and spin coat thermoplast – can be used.


  • Open adhesive platform
  • Various carriers (silicon, glass, sapphire, etc…)
  • Bridge tool capability for different substrate sizes
  • Available with multiple load port options and combinations
  • Recipe controlled system
  • Real time monitoring and recording of all relevant process parameters
  • Fully integrated SECS/GEM interface
  • Optional integrated inline metrology module for automated feedback loop