EVG®6200 BA

Benefit from the versatility, high precision and usability offered by EVG bond alignment systems. The EVG6200 offers modular upgrade capability, and has been qualified in various high-throughput production settings. Thanks to the precision afforded by EVG bond aligners, you can meet the requirements of exacting alignment processes in fields such as 3D integration applications and MEMS production.


  • Suitable for all EVG 200 mm bond systems
  • Supports bond alignment of double or triple wafer stacks up to 200 mm wafer sizes
  • Manual or motorized alignment stage with automatic alignment option
  • Fully motorized high-resolution bottom-side microscopes
  • Windows® based user interface
  • Options
  • Automatic alignment
  • IR alignment for inner substrate key alignment
  • NanoAlign® package for enhanced process capabilities
  • Available with system rack
  • Upgrade possibility to mask aligner