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IES in Focus: Contract Manufacturing

23rd May 2017

Contract equipment manufacturing (alternatively referred to as contract Build, outsourced manufacturing or equipment build) is an area of increasing importance to IES business growth strategy that goes towards underlining not just our mechanical and electrical competence, but leverages upon the wide range of strategic capabilities we offer in house.

Contract Manufacturing Explained

In essence, contract manufacturing involves IES assembling or building high-value, high-technology machinery or equipment on behalf of a customer. This usually involves:

  • IES being OEM trained at the customer site, and then building that customer’s equipment using the original manufacturer’s build manual.


  • Where comprehensive OEM manuals do not exist, IES compiling and writing appropriate equipment documentation and build manuals for its customers. Typical projects have seen us build machinery / equipment on site whilst documenting the process and creating associated build manuals in parallel. These  are then used to assemble future equipment manufactured at IES.

Types of Builds

Typical of equipment builds we undertake are:

  • Vacuum processing equipment as used in the semiconductor industry for thin film manufacturing.
  • Equipment used in the manufacture of specialist industrial materials, using advanced industrial processes.


Most projects tend to involve high value, complex and bespoke pieces of equipment, produced at low volumes. 

IES Build Facility

IES has a fully equipped clean workshop complete with 3 Phase power and compressed dry air, plus cooling water and inert gases for testing purposes. Our workshop also has a vacuum leak testing facility, with other service equipment being brought in as and when required.

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CE Marking

A vital element in any manufacturing process is CE compliance, with most machinery and equipment to be used in the European market requiring certification of CE compliance. As part of our build programme we can undertake the specific assessment and testing that will result in the compliation of comprehensive test data and technical construction files that can afford the client the ability to self-declare for CE compliance.

Why IES?

IES is uniquely positioned to be able to offer customers a fully integrated in-house capability. It’s this that differentiates the company from all potential competitors. Other benefits of working with us are:

  • Our ability to deliver, install and commission equipment we have built, giving customers the benefit of turn-key contract manufacture, installation and commissioning.
  • Our Engineering Resource Support team are able to offer continuing support throughout the equipment life-cycle.
  • We can accept and store all customer parts and offer full quality assurance / inspection facilities as these arrive at our works from different suppliers.
  • We can continue to act on the customer’s behalf as a remote parts hub, distribution centre and on-going storage facility.
  • We act as purchasing agent, working from a customer’s Bill of Materials to source and procure from as many suppliers as necessary.
  • We can act as a remote third party manufacturing facility, allowing our customers to expand production without having to expand premises or workforce.
  • IES can also leverage on its import / export service capability to distribute parts on a worldwide basis.

IES offers:

A complete in-house package of integrated service delivery excellence. We have the experience, the facilities and the engineering resource to undertake projects from start to finish; from inbound parts to assembly or manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning, CE marking, ongoing maintenance, and with the flexibility that allows customers to achieve maximum success with minimum interruption.

For further information about our contracting manufacturing services, please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

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