Safety & Quality

Safety & Quality

At IES, safety and quality are fundamental to our business

Health and Safety

Our Environmental Health and Safety Manual has as its introduction two phrases:
“You get the level of Health and Safety that you demonstrate you want” and “Health and Safety is no accident: It has to be managed”
Our 19-page manual is a testimony to our conviction of the need to keep our workplace and the places where our staff work safe. 

ISO 9001 Certified Engineering Services

Meeting and exceeding recognised international quality and safety standards is good for IES and good for our clients. We take quality management very seriously and have been operating under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 2003, when we were first accredited. IES documents, implements, and maintains ISO 9001 and continually improves its effectiveness in accordance with the current requirements. You can view our certificate here.

You can view our Quality Policy Statement here.

DfT Approved Freight Forwarding Agent

The UK Department for Transport is the regulatory body for those companies who offer freight forwarding services. IES is a DfT-approved freight forwarding agent. In effect this means that we are trusted to screen your cargo and guarantee its contents prior to delivery to the airline; fast-tracking your bookings. 

The Environment

Our Environmental Policy (included in the above) has as a lead statement our intention to “Take a leading position regarding the environment within the world we operate”. We are committed to the implementation of a sustainable business model, taking every opportunity to reduce our footprint, while being aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


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