Our Values

Our Values

IES has been supplying engineering and logistics services since 1991. Our philosophy has always been to say “Yes”, and then to work out how to surpass that client’s expectations. It's also always to overcome obstacles and make sure that a job gets done, whatever it takes.

Our Intention...
Is to be recognised as a world class company and provider of choice, with a reputation for setting standards of excellence. We want to be known for the high quality of our service and responsive customer care, and for this to lead to an increase in our existing market share as we expand into new and complimentary markets.

We’ll Do This By...
Providing innovative engineering and logistics solutions that meet the needs of all our customers worldwide, with a constant focus on the improvement of the services we offer, the systems we use, and by encouraging and developing well trained, well-motivated staff who interact and form partnerships with customers and suppliers based on mutual understanding, teamwork and respect.

Everyone is Welcome
IES actively supports Human Rights, Age Discrimination, Sex Discrimination and Race Relations legislation. Our ethos is to respect and value people’s differences and to help everyone achieve more at work as well as in their personal lives, so that they feel proud of their contribution to our business and to that of our customers.

Key Values
IES prides itself on being considered as an integral component of our customers’ business, contributing to and sharing in their success by delivering quality, value added, innovative engineering and logistics support. We achieve this through our key values:

  • Professionalism, integrity and honesty
  • Respect our customers’ needs for information and confidentiality
  • Exceeding customers’ expectations
  • Create well-led, motivated, multi-skilled teams
  • Adaptable, flexible solutions provider
  • Minimising risk for the safety of employees and customers.


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Safety & Quality

At IES, safety and quality, is fundamental to our business.

About Us

Founded in 1991, IES has grown to become one of the world's leading specialists in the movement of machinery, the relocation of production lines, and the de-installation and re-installation of equipment.