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Unpacking, Andy Revel’s 10 years with IES

22nd August 2016
In a year when we’re celebrating anniversaries we thought it would be good to celebrate another, it’s 10 years since Andy Revel joined IES! In honour of the occasion we asked him about his time with the company:

Q: How did you come to join the company, Andy?

Andy: I always wanted to work with wood, so I thought I’d be a carpenter, it didn’t quite work out that way though…I was living in Cambridge and was invited by a friend to spend a weekend in Temple Cloud, near Bristol, I went, I met my wife Kath, and she moved to join me in Cambridge, then later we decided to move back to Bristol.

Once we’d decided to move I thought I’d better look for a job so I got in touch with all the packers in the area and was invited for a first and then second interview with IES. I remember it well, I travelled from Cambridge, was offered the job by 0930, travelled back to Cambridge and then went to London to celebrate my new job and my 30th birthday.

Q: What was your first job with IES?

Andy: That’s the funny bit; it was back in Cambridge for one of our clients,  Vistec, packing on site. It went really well.

Q: And now?

Andy: I’m the Packing and Warehouse Supervisor. I started on a shared basis, but then took over full responsibility after about 18 months. As a team we’ve grown from an original six to 10 now, so my job has evolved from being senior export packer to supervisor.

Q: And what do you most enjoy about your job?

Andy: Honestly? It’s seeing a job done really well. Clean, sharp stencilling, the best use of wood to make the crate attractive as well as functional. It’s the satisfaction of knowing I’ve done a good job with what I’ve got. I try to set myself high standards because I want everything we do to be excellent. Even when we’re really pushed for time, the job has to be absolutely right.

Job-wise I enjoy the one-offs, working from drawings and those with a challenge. Working in pharmaceutical, MoD and semiconductor means there’s always variety, each brings its own problems to overcome.

And then there’s the travel, sometimes all we see is the hotel and the inside of the warehouse we’re packing in, occasionally though we get to see more, we were doing a job in Albany, New York and had a few days off because of a local holiday…that was when we visited Niagara…!

And then there are the people. It’s a close team, looking out for each other, a good working atmosphere…

Q: What’s been the most challenging job you’ve had to do?

Andy: It was for Corning Pharmaceutical in Plymouth. We were packing presses and we had to build a frame to go around and hold each press. It involved the use of both hard and soft woods, not a combination we would usually use. The whole thing had to fit into a container for sea freight, so the tolerances were very tight. I was able to see that job on site, which was very satisfying!

Q: And your proudest moment?

Andy: It must be my role in securing Rolls-Royce as a customer for jet engine packing. I’d only been with IES for a year or so and it involved making little boxes to fit inside larger boxes, there was one very late night and early morning, but they obviously liked what we’d done for them as they’ve been a customer ever since!

Q: And the future, will you stay with IES?

Andy: Of course I will. I work hard and put the effort in to get the job done well, no matter what the obstacles, and this can result in long hours and some stress, so it’s as well I enjoy a challenge. More importantly, I enjoy working with the team here at IES. Niels (the MD) will go out of his way to help any of his staff, and so there’s sense of loyalty.