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The World's Top Five Largest Factories

8th November 2017
Our Factory Relocation service provides an integrated solution for companies which are upping sticks; from a full site survey to project management, packing, recommissioning and reinstalling. In over 25 years of relocation projects spanning several continents, we’ve come across some pretty big factories. But which are the biggest on the planet?

Here we take a look at the five largest factories, in square metres:

5. Rivian Automotive car plant - Normal, Illinois, USA - 220,000sqm

Rivian is a start up with plans to make an impact in the electric vehicles market, and this year it signalled its intent by purchasing this mammoth factory which was originally built by Mitsubishi Motors North America. Rivian is investing £30 million into the plant, which opened in 1981, and hopes to start production in 2019. It is said to have a production capacity of 250,000 cars a year.

4. Boeing factory - Everett, Washington, USA - 398,000sqm

This huge Boeing facility is the biggest building in the world by volume, but it comes fourth in our list of factories ranked by square metres. Stretching over 98.3 acres, this factory is the home of production for the 747, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner airplanes. The factory dates back to 1966, when Boeing fulfilled a requirement for a fleet of 25 747s for Pan American World Airways. The 30,000-strong work force is cared for by their own security team and fire department, while entertainment options include an on-site theatre.

3. Tesla Motors car plant - Fremont, California, USA - 510,000sqm

Another electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla is a pioneer in the market, and has more than enough space for its production plans at this massive facility. It was formerly co-inhabited by Toyota and General Motors, who sold the plant to Tesla in 2010. The Model S and Roadster are among the vehicles produced at the factory.

2. Hyundai car plant - Ulsan, South Korea - 5,050,000sqm

You might be seeing a pattern developing in this list – yes, car manufacturers require a lot of leg room. In a sense, Hyundai’s gargantuan Korean facility has cheated, in that it combines five production plans on one site. That’s along with an on-site hospital, fire department, and port which can accommodate cargo ships.

1. Volkswagen car plant - Wolfsburg, Germany - 6,500,000sqm

German engineering is revered all over the world, and at Volkswagen Headquarters in Wolfsburg, there is a factory which symbolises this lofty reputation. Employees travel to different parts of the site on bicycle, and there are plenty of design elements which embody the famous German efficiency. Its press shop processes a staggering 1,500 metric tonnes of sheet metal on a daily basis. Founded in 1938, the factory has produced over 40 million cars to date. If you’d like to see it for yourself, Volkswagen offers two hour tours to the public.

So that’s our countdown of the world’s largest factories. IES are Factory Relocation specialists – if you have a query on any aspect of factory movement, please contact us on +44 (0) 117 938 0600.