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How Is IES Different From Other Packing Companies?

19th August 2013
Answer: In several ways. The first is our experience. We haven’t just been making cases for over 15 years, we’ve been making specialised bespoke packing cases, cases that meet and exceed all requirements. It’s the depth of knowledge we have and our considerable experience that gives our clients the nearest thing possible to an absolute guarantee of the safe delivery of their consignment.

Longevity of itself, of course, is not enough.  What also differentiate us are the skills and capabilities we’ve picked up and perfected along the way. Our approach has always been to treat each project as a new opportunity to put into practice what we’ve learned. We consider the design and manufacture of cases to be an art in itself, with each new project presenting a fresh challenge. How can we make this case lighter, stronger, easier to erect and better at doing its job? In this we share the philosophy of the British cycling team. If we can introduce many small improvements, then the sum of those marginal gains makes a substantial difference.

As a result and although our cases conform to the BS1133-8:2011 packaging code with all the softwood used heat treated to conform to the ISPM15 regulations, we don’t have a standardised case manufacture check list for each product specification. What we do is take each project and start afresh, aiming to keep the volume and size of each case to the minimum practicable, saving on the cost of materials and handling. We make each case as stable as possible and clearly mark the centre of gravity, supplying cases either flat packed or made up. Our innovative design of floor gives vital extra strength and we use pilot drilled screws to assemble, rather than labour intensive nuts and bolts.

In addition we have our own expert team of packers available to pack at our works in Bristol, or on-site, all trained to the relevant levels of the Aviation Security regulations so that we are able to export pack for known consignors.

So, several reasons why you should trust IES to pack and protect your consignments, be they valuable and delicate; large or small, from artwork and individual machines to full factory relocations; hi-tech, or clean-room based industries to traditional heavy industry; for air freight, sea freight or road transportation….

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