Cost Effective CE Marking

16th September 2013

It is a legal requirement placed on manufacturers and importers to prove the capability of their products, and increasingly aware consumers want to know what they’re buying, so the need to meet British & European standards is paramount.

The CE mark and associated declaration is applicable within the European Economic Area (EEA), and is mandatory for many products (for a list of product categories that require CE marking click here). CE marking certifies that the products covered meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Legislation permits that manufacturers can choose to self-certify for products falling within a number of European Commission (EC) Directives, the requirement on the manufacturer being to:

  • carry out the conformity assessment
  • set up the technical file
  • issue the EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
  • affix CE marking on the product

Looking for more information on CE marking? Click here for CE marking FAQs including on regulations and steps for compliance.

IES CE marking experience

IES has nearly 20 years’ experience in compliance testing and assessments, primarily with those products falling within the Electromagnetic, Low Voltage and Machinery Directives; an experience backed by long-serving and competent engineers with good knowledge of electronic equipment and machines.

Our expertise is in providing the independent testing and product assessment capability that enables manufacturers (and importers to the EEA of products not already CE marked) whose products fall within certain Directives, to be able to self-certify for due diligence.

The benefits of working with IES for CE marking

  • A considerable saving, the benefit of our considerable experience, plus no need to attempt the steep learning curve of self-certification for yourself.
  • Our ability to complete testing at your or your client’s site, demonstrating a really practical approach to both testing and assessment.
  • The clear evidence in the product’s Technical File that you chose to involve expert independent technical and assessment consultants, rather than assume that responsibility yourselves.


Can we help everyone? Regrettably not, but we can help those whose products fall within the Low Voltage, Electromagnetic and Machinery Directives that we’re experienced in, and, depending on the product, we may occasionally be able to help prepare a product for submission to a Notified Body.

We’re at our best and add real value when working alongside our clients, guiding them through the design, manufacture and testing of their products to minimise any problems that may occur at the testing and assessment stage of the CE making process. It is then that our years of experience and the practical approach that comes from our engineers' extensive knowledge really come into play, enabling us to overcome and resolve non-compliance issues and other problems that might elsewhere result in a simple notification of failure.

<https://www.ies.co.uk/ce-guide>  Download our free CE Marking Guide <https://www.ies.co.uk/ce-guide>  Practical steps on how to get CE Compliance for your products and equipment  <https://www.ies.co.uk/ce-guide> Find Out More <https://www.ies.co.uk/ce-guide>