Optix is a pioneering multi-purpose device which is able to sense gas in all vacuum environments. It functions via a broad variety of operating pressures, catering for the majority of semiconductor industrial production processes and R&D, without necessitating differential pumping.

Using a remote plasma spectroscopy concept, Optix generates a small plasma in the sensor head, and is then analysed by an integrated spectrometer. Qualitative measurement of gas presence and concentration within the vacuum is provided by an automatic interpretation of the light spectrum.

Thanks to advanced back-end software and Optix spectral information, there is a wide range of applications for vacuum users, and a multi-functional interface ensures simple operation. Features include leak detection, monitoring and fault detection, process pump-down analysis, wide range pressure measurement, condition monitoring, vacuum quality monitoring, end point detection, and process control.

Using the cold cathode Penning method, the total pressure of a vacuum is measured. The Gencoa Optix marks itself out from other cold cathode gauges, as it uses plasma spectrum information to calibrate the pressure reading for vacuum gases automatically. This provides a high level of accuracy in pressure measurement.

Pressure regime advantages

  • Operates directly at the most common vacuum process pressures 
  • No need for expensive/complex differential pumps
  • No spurious readings from differential pump systems
  • Direct monitoring of the vacuum instantly register any changes (m/sec response)
  • Significantly less expensive than RGA and differential pump combination


An advanced Windows user interface provides clear visualisation of the condition of the process and vacuum, and powerful tools for recording and referencing data enable easy identification of process problems.

Software features

  • Built-in spectrum database for atomic and molecular emission signatures
  • Automatic spectrum interpretation
  • Time plots for automatically or user defined species
  • Customizable trigger set-up for end point detection or process control
  • Vacuum quality tracker
  • Leak detection mode