Astro 96


The Alpha Plasma System ASTRO 96 is a fully automated Plasma System for precision cleaning for surface activation of metallic lead frames, hybrids, chip-on-board, chip scale packages and all type of ball grid arrays. The substrates are delivered from a magazine buffer, which is integrated into the machine. The magazines are supplied from a 2-tier conveyor system, which is constantly chargeable with new magazines with untreated parts. The conveyor system can process substrates from three of the widest magazines types and more for smaller-sized magazines.

The ASTRO 96 System is designed for processing 4 individual substrates at a time with 90 mm substrate width. Using exchangeable carrier plates, the equipment can also handle different (smaller, wider) substrate sizes.


  • Precision cleaning & surface activation
  • Metallic lead frames
  • Hybrids
  • Chip-on-board
  • Chip scale packages
  • Ball grid arrays


  • Minimal sample travel distance
  • Swivel plate turntable mechanism
  • No movement of strips
  • No jerking
  • Individual strip loading
  • Continuous operation