Plasma Parylene Systems

Rosenheim, Germany

Plasma Parylene Systems GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of pioneering systems for Parylene and plasma Parylene coating.

Playing a critical part in the protection of important components and parts, conform Parylene coatings are non-porous, very thin and polymeric. Being hydrophobic, bio compatible, inert and optical transparent, Parylene has a broad variety of industrial applications.

Typical Applications for Parylene Coatings

  • Conformal coating of electronic components for harsh environmental conditions (fulfills ,MIL-I-46058C, Type XY)
  • Dielectric coating such as e.g. inductors, cores, magnets
  • Hydrophobic coating e.g. bio medical tubes, catheter etc.
  • Reduction of friction (e.g. at guide wires at catheters)
  • Barrier layers e.g. filter, membranes, valves
  • Micro wave components, electronic technology
  • Sensors in harsh conditions
  • Corrosion protection for metallic surfaces
  • Enhancement of micro structures
  • Abrasion protection
  • Protection of plastics, rubber etc. against environmental conditions
  • Transparent protection for LED e.g. illumination equipment for vehicles, illuminated panels etc

Products from Plasma Parylene Systems...