Linear & Circular Ion Sources


The Linear Ion Sources designed by Gencoa provide a robust and adaptable method of pre-cleaning glass and polymer substrates before thin film deposition. Generating plasma jets, the solution impacts the substrate, burning off hydrocarbons and activating the surface to create a bond between the deposited films.

The internal and external graphite anode is a unique feature which contributes to a long product lifetime, thanks to the very low carbon sputter yield. The anode will typically offer a working life of at least six months before it needs to be replaced.

The easily fitted IMC75 circular ion source has a 5” OD and 1” shaft, making it a suitable accompaniment for the new 3” and 4” Gencoa FFE Magnetrons.

With a full range of integrated functions to operate the source, the iM3000 is comprehensive solution that only requires the user to connect the MFC and high voltage cable. Thanks to its built in software. The external MFC can be driven to keep the source voltage at a pre-determined value.

Equipment Types

  • Linear Ion Sources
  • IMC75 Circular Ion Source
  • iM 3000 Power Supply


  • Pre-Cleaning Polymer & Glass Substrates prior to thin film deposition.
  • Ion Assist
  • Etch/Texturing


  • Graphite anode and cathode protection reduces source erosion
  • Internal, External or Cantilever mounted sources
  • Wide range of operating pressures, No Filaments, Maintenance Free.
  • IMC75 eliminates any contamination – ideal for Semiconductor applications.
  • The iM3000 Controller provides a complete solution.