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    IES Brexit Statement

    Last updated: 11th January 2021

    Doing business with Europe has changed: the UK has left the European Union and since January 1st, 2021 new rules apply.

    As with most in the business community, the timing of the trade deal has meant that a number of minor changes are still being implemented into our company procedures but we can assure our  clients, suppliers and stakeholders that our planning through the transition period has meant that there will be very little impact to our deployment capabilities.

    We examined all elements of our business and supply chain in order to minimise potential disruptions during, and following, the Brexit transition period.

    As a freight forwarder and a customs agent, we are experienced and familiar with both importation & exportation procedures.

    We are holding extra timber & material stock to counter any delays at the ports as the whole supply chain network transitions into its new modus operandi.

    As a global operator, we are accustomed to sending our service engineers to all continents and as such, have planned for the application of any relevant work visas and travel documentation in our scheduling.

    We are happy to confirm that our ability to maintain delivery of logistical and human resources will not be compromised in this new post-Brexit environment and we look forward to continuing to forge the strong relationships with our customers across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

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